If you’re running boilers in your factory or plant, have you seriously considered the impact of a boiler explosion? Because when one blows, it doesn’t just affect your production – depending on the industry you’re in – it can level an entire city block!

Just take a look at some of these boiler explosions from around the world (click this link).

The major causes of Boiler Explosions are fuel detonation or when the water levels are allowed to get dangerously low. And there’s only three ways you’ll avoid these types of events.

  1. Meticulously maintain your boiler to ensure optimal fuel/air mix,
  2. Monitor water levels minute by minute, or
  3. Invest in technology which is explosion proof.

At Steamtech our boilers are explosion proof. We only use the best equipment, and our OSH standards well exceed any legal requirements or common practice. We want to make sure you’re safe, and your staff and customers have the best possible protection.

Steamtech is an experienced and innovative company providing Petrochemical plant decontamination and degassing, temporary steam boiler hire and other specialist services for all Industry.